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Dear Friends,

Worcester County Public Schools will always be the heart and future of our community. Collectively, through a strong financial commitment from our Worcester County Commissioners, dedicated leadership from out Board of Education, and the support of families and local businesses, we have reaped the benefits of providing a Blue Ribbon Education as we watch so many of our students return to Worcester County, perpetuating the economic engine of our community.

Today, our public school system has an opportunity to compete globally and to propel our students toward college and future career markets. This opportunity is the Digital Conversion of our schools. As the digital world changes at the speed of light, our traditional classrooms lined with desks and chalkboards, pen, paper, and spiral notebooks must be transformed so that every student in Worcester County, upon graduation, has a chance to compete and function in the digital world. Without digital conversion, our teachers are quickly losing the ability to adequately educate our students in the universal digital language that is the future.

When today’s students graduate from high school, it will be imperative that they are well versed in digital applications, as well as have the ability to intelligently and clearly communicate, conduct experiments, graph, design and carry out routine business digitally. Everyday, hands-on experience is the only way to prepare students to confidently function now and in the future. Even today, many adults are challenged when completing an online job or college application or online voter registration simply because they lack digital experience. The fact is, the digital future is now.

In response to the pressing need to provide every student equal access to a digitized education, parents and community leaders have formed the Worcester County Education Foundation, an independent, public-private partnership that will raise money to fund the necessary Digital Conversion and the future needs of our schools.

Won’t you join us at this threshold in American public education? With your help, every child in Worcester County will be given the the tools and the education to compete and flourish in the new digital age. After all, our students are the Heart and Future of our Community.


Ray Thompson
WCEF Chairman
Greg Shockely
WCEF Vice Chairman


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