First Shore Federal Become Champions of Education

OCEAN PINES- First Shore Federal recently became the latest Champions of Education in Worcester County. President and CEO, Marty Neat, said that contributing to the newly formed Worcester County Education Foundation is a win-win for everyone because well educated students are the future and life blood of any community. “Education should come first. If we provide these kids with a great local education, they gain the confidence and ambition to further their education and return to us with the ability to contribute and eventually fill our rolls in the community. First Shore Federal is proud to support the WCEF’s goal to provide a World Class Education to every student in the county and encourages all local businesses to step up as well.”

Last Fall, members of the private and business community came together to form the Worcester County Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that taps into community resources, creating a source of perpetual funding to help fill budgetary gaps that prevent teachers, students and schools from acquiring the necessary tools to teach and learn in today’s fast paced digital environment. “Our goal is to provide every student with equal access to a World Class education and to support our teachers with grants and the tools necessary to prepare our students for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. In order to prepare our students for tomorrow, we need to provide these educational tools today.” For further information or to donate online visit www.WCED.foundation or call 410-632-5076.

Pictured left to right: Representatives of First Shore Federal proudly present a generous contribution of $15,000 to members of the Worcester County Education Foundation. Left to Right: Vice Chairman, Tom Hershey, Superintendent of Worcester County Schools, Dr. Jerry Wilson, Assist. Superintendent, Lou Taylor, FSF President & CEO, Marty Neat and WCEF Chairman, Todd Ferrante


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