Why We Need Digital Conversion

“Let’s work together to close an unfortunate funding gap so that every student and teacher has EQUAL ACCESS to digital technology in order to prepare our graduates for college and the new DIGITAL jobs market.”

Digital Conversion: A Modern Classroom, A Shared Vision

  • Increase Learning: Introducing technology to every classroom will improve teaching and learning through increased student engagement
  • Providing Equality In Education: Engaging every student K-12 with hands-on experience using technological tools, allows every student an equal opportunity to compete in college and for jobs of the future
  • Paradigm Shift~Changing the Way Teachers Teach and Students Learn: Digital devices allow teachers to evaluate students quickly, and personalize learning to suit each individual students needs.

Are Our Students Prepared for College or the Workforce? Some Recent Job Interview Questions & Tasks

  • Create speadsheets and enter data
  • Participate in online interviews
  • Manage complex, sensitive communications via email
  • Research, summarize and share three online articles
  • Problem solve online with people who do not speak the same language as you


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